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Art is texture, Art is breathing, Art is smell, Art is love, Art is pain, Art is truth; that is, Art is essence.

These are raw realities.
Raw realities are not only nice and clean things but also, filthy and nasty things. At any point on this spectrum, raw realities are beautiful in themselves. I focus on ordinary things such as milk, water, glass bottles, soil, tree branches, grass, stones, room, sounds and bodies carefully. I really love to touch and see them.
Though they are commonplace, it is through an appreciation of their ordinary nature that I feel I can reach a part of truth.

 Artists should be empty-minded and bodied. Empty to feel emotion, spirits, physical sensations and nature. Artists should stand on flat ground for everything.
My realities exist in my veins with my blood. My heart is beating.
Art is essence.

Kenichi Nakajima

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